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Announcing our whale watching and lunch: a tantalizing combination! Our guests frequently let us know how ravenous they become after enjoying such a visual feast, courtesy of the whales. What often follows: “Where should we eat in Juneau?”

Perhaps seeing the whales gulp down so much fresh fish is responsible for peoples’ appetites craving for the same. Indeed, such is what brings the humpback whales into Juneau’s nutrient-rich waters in the first place. Mercifully, for all the foodies among us, we now offer a glorious combination to assist the famished among us. When? Once you have embarked upon the whale watching tour, a taste sensation of seafood awaits. Where? From one of Juneau’s most stunning vantage points: atop Mount Roberts via our aerial tramway. Inviting you to sit down and dine while overlooking jaw-on-the-floor views of the coastal city. Why? Trust us, whale watching and lunch is a visual and culinary marriage made in heaven.

Salmon and Dungeness crab atop Mt. Roberts.

Whale watching and lunch of salmon or Dungeness crab atop Mt. Roberts–a visual and culinary marriage made in heaven.

Seafood Lunch or Dinner

Lucky for us, the renowned Timberline Bar & Grill–situated on Mount Roberts–is partnered with Juneau Whale Watch. Our motivation? To provide you with a mouthwatering seafood lunch or dinner after your whale watching tour. Freshly prepared on the premises, devour a gourmet meal of grilled wild caught salmon, or half a Dungeness crab. All while lapping up the incredible vista of Juneau and its surrounding temperate rainforest from an elevation of 3,000 feet.

Dietary Requirements

Mmnn, a little nonplussed over salmon or crab? Absolutely not a problem. Non-seafood cuisine and vegetarian options are available upon request.

Post Meal Activities

So, when you have finished dining and before jumping back on the tramway, why not take some time to explore the scenic trails of Mount Roberts as well? Light strolls or more adventurous trails lie in store.


To arrange your whale watching and lunch combination, will incur an extra $59.00. Although if you call before May 1st, you will receive a $10.00 discount off your whole package!

For the whale watching and lunch, please call our toll free number today: 1 844-4 WHALES (1 844-494-2537).

Gulping fish by the boatload!

Gulping fish by the boatload!

Treat your taste buds to this exciting new whale watching and lunch combo: bursting with Juneau’s finest flavors and locally sourced seafood with the views and wildlife to match. Nourish your stomach and soul with a scrumptious piece of salmon or half a succulent crab. Right after your eyes have just feasted on the wonder of whales. Come eat and enjoy! This one’s a no brainer for anyone with a healthy appetite.

If this doesn't whet your appetite, nothing will.

If this doesn’t whet your appetite, nothing will.

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