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Meet the Atlin: our shiny new boat!

It’s with great excitement that we introduce our newest boat, the Atlin. Our latest addition to the fleet. Proudly keeping business in Alaska, Coastwise Corporations produced its striking design, layout, and smart ergonomics expected in a custom whale-watching Catamaran. In conjunction, Homer-based Bay Welding constructed the Alaskan marine-grade vessel.


Sporting four 350 HP Yamaha outboard motors, an impressive 500-gallon tank, and hydraulic power steering underpin its legendary performance heritage. Impressively, the craft measures 48 feet long. Feature-filled with the latest electronics, the boat packs in all the elements for good times on the water.

Capacity and layout

From the enclosed 49-passenger cabin to the bow deck and an expansive rooftop as outdoor viewing areas, the Atlin delivers all the fun you would expect in an Alaskan whale watch adventure. A wheelhouse above and inset from the sides of the main cabin permits passengers easy access to the Wings of the rooftop viewing area. Protectively, such spaces are complete with a wrap-around solid aluminum design to shield passengers from the wind.

The back of the Atlin, offering oodles of room for everyone.

Viewing areas

Undeniably, the wealth of windows is central to viewing activity. Cleverly, the bench seats are built high to afford everyone maximum visibility. Moreover, all seats boast high-density foam cushions with a matching upholstered backrest. Coupled with a footrest platform for comfort. Each backrest has a tray table/shelf with a cup holder. Plus a Stainless steel grab handle. And below, gear storage for all to conveniently enjoy.

Getting wide-eyed on whales aboard the maiden voyage on the Atlin!


Well-insulated for the inside passage’s fresher days, the main cabin possesses a generous interior height of 6 feet, 8 inches. Thus, accommodating the tallest of guests. Equipped to cater, it’s also furnished with an ever-important marine toilet.

Indoor viewing is enhanced by the large windows and high seats.

Multiple viewing decks give everyone the space needed to enjoy their whale-watching experience aboard the Atlin.


Safety is paramount on the Atlin. Integrated throughout the stairs is a nonskid aluminum Grip Strut. This undoubtedly makes for safe passage up and down the vessel. Additionally, railings around the perimeter secure the rooftop of the main cabin. What’s more, there is space dedicated for two life rafts. As well as a full complement of life jackets in the bench seating.

You don’t have to stand outside when it’s a little fresh on the Inside Passage; all our cabins are heated.

A word of thanks

Local tourism is set to be buoyed up by the latest addition to the Juneau fleet. Foremost, we are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with Coastwise Corporations and Bay Welding. Engineered and built to perfection, the Atlin stands to deliver everything passengers need to make their time on the water with family and friends a breeze.

Captain Steve welcoming the very first guests aboard the Atlin on her maiden voyage!


Particularly relevant: built-in Alaska by Alaskans with the agility of a true performer, let the ultimate whale-watching experience begin now aboard the Atlin!

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