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So, just how close will you get to the whales? A fine question indeed. Without interfering, harassing or chasing, our boats sometimes get within very good (and safe) proximity to the whales. Or rather, the whales can often get close to us! Although Mother Nature permits the whales to assume their own schedule, the humpbacks cruise along the Inside Passage, where it can often seem like the whales want to interact with the vessels.

An intimate and safe encounter with a humpback.

An intimate and safe encounter with a humpback.

What We Can Promise

We offer guaranteed humpback whale sightings on every tour from the beginning of May right through the end of September. Essentially, that’s possible because the whales are so plentiful in a relatively small area. What we can’t guarantee is what the whales will be doing when you see them.

It’s not uncommon for our customers to see the whales exhibit the following behaviors: fin-slapping, tail-lobbing, rolling or occasionally spy-hopping. (The latter is when the whales poke their heads out of the water to survey their surroundings.) All of which are indicative of the humpback whales’ playful responses when feeding within our presence. More on what to expect on a typical whale-watching tour here.

In addition, our captains keep one another well-informed over radio communications, so the chances of numerous sightings are made even easier. Each captain is qualified and skillful behind the wheel. Moreover, they are highly experienced at pleasing their passengers, as are the naturalists and guides on board. All Juneau Whale Watch staff take pleasure in providing you with great photo opportunities, while showing the utmost respect to our majestic friends of the sea.


We live to love humpback whale watching and as members of Whale Sense Alaska, our boats all adhere to the federally mandated rules for marine mammal viewing. This protects us and foremost the whales. It facilitates safe encounters with the wild marine life.

Come and get your whale on with us this summer!

An image of an intimate encounter enjoyed by our customers!

Proximity to the whales: sometimes THIS CLOSE!

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