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Juneau Whale Watching

Like clockwork, Juneau Whale Watch’s custom boats sail from Auke Bay Harbor, set to explore Alaska’s famed Inside Passage for the best whale watching. May through September sees Juneau’s sparkling waters become a hotspot for humpback whales, orcas and dolphins. In fact, the nutrient-rich waters cater to one of the largest concentrations of humpback whales found anywhere on the blue planet! That’s how we’re able to guarantee you will see the whales.

As well, the coastal city sees bears roam on the periphery and boasts inordinate numbers of bald eagles soaring, trimming their angles this way and that. It’s a bird watcher’s fantasy with myriad birdlife populating the skies. On top of that, you will witness some of the most incredible vistas. Glaciated mountains amid a dense rainforest give rise to jagged edges and razor sharp points, glowing blue against glacier fed lakes with endless supplies of ruggedness.

One of our fine seafaring vessels.Inching towards wild Alaska you will, if you visit Juneau. Hoping you’re a wilderness seeker in pursuit of raw beauty, Juneau is a place you can fall into its dreaminess, enwombed in its uniqueness. What’s more, the solitude of the mist-shrouded rainforest, quiet waterways and pebbled beaches might just gulp you down whole. For sure, the wilderness seeking habit is set to be well nourished here. Welcome to an Alaskan’s Alaska!

Reservations, travel agent and group bookings

As an established company in the business of whale watching, we love travel professionals! Contact us via phone or email for group rates and commissions. Group rates start at 6 passengers, so whether you are a travel agent, a family taking that dream Alaskan vacation, or a group who’ve become acquainted as fast friends aboard a cruise ship, give us a call. Phone: (907) 723 9209. Or email:

WhaleSENSE_AtlR_PMSJuneau Whale Watch is a proud member of Whale Sense Alaska! Whale Sense promotes responsible whale watching in Alaska and the Atlantic Region of the United States.

Whale SENSE recognizes whale watching companies committed to responsible practices.Participating companies agree to:

  • Stick to the regional whale watching guidelines.
  • Educate naturalists, captains, and passengers to have SENSE while watching whales.
  • Notify appropriate networks of whales in distress.
  • Set an example for other boaters.
  • Encourage ocean stewardship.

When you see the Whale Sense logo, you can be certain you have chosen a company that respects and protects whales and the environment in which they live.